Monday, July 2, 2012

New Black Wardrobe

Hey all!!!


I finally got some things done and was able to take some pictures of some new treasures I have found this summer so far.


The flea market and yardsales have been good to me and my house.


I had a good friend call me early one morning to tell me about an awesome yardsale she had been to.  I hesitated for a brief moment because I had zuchinni bread in the oven and pjs still on.  So glad I left the bread with my daughter in charge and threw on my clothes, because I found some great stuff.


I bought some really neat things including a great old black wardrobe that went straight into my bedroom.


wardrobe 7


My youngest daughter’s exact words about this piece were, “well, it’s big and it’s black”.  Not sure, but I think that meant she didn’t love it like I did.



wardrobe 1



wardrobe 5



wardrobe 2


I found this great old iron planter at the flea market a couple of weeks ago.  I knew immediately that it needed to hold old linens and sachets.  It’s so much prettier in person.  I sure wish I could photograph things as well as I would like to.



wardrobe 6


Yes, the good ole television again.  At least it blends in with the big black wardrobe.


Will look forward to showing you some more of the things I have found. 


Also want to share a deal I have tried to make with myself.  If I bring something new in, I try to get rid of something.  I really don’t have a house full of everything.


Hope you all have had a great day and have blessed rest of your week.



Keeping it Cozy said...

I love your new finds, Amy! Especially your black wardrobe... you don't find pieces like that often. It's gorgeous. Hope to see you sometime soon, sweet friend!

Olive Cooper said...

Amy, I love black painted furniture and what do the kiddos know? The wardrobe wonderful in your space. hugs, olive

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I also love black painted furniture and this one is so unique. I love that it has the lower dresser section, perfect for your basin and pitcher (I have wanted a white set for close to 30 years so I really need to find one.)

helen tilston said...

Your room looks terrific


Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Amy,that was a great decision to go to the sale! Good job on your friend's part and great job on yours to get that piece. It looks so good in there!

I hope all is well with you and your family. I've been terrible about commenting, but do think of you.

Take care,

BECKY said...

What an awesome piece, gal! Just love it! I know it brings you joy!!

Love and hugs to you!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful piece Amy... great find! I also like the little iron plant stand thing. I know what you mean about picture taking abilities... I SUCK!!! LOL!


Anne Marie said...

can the tv fit inside the dresser? if not, take an old feed sack and make a 'slipcover'??

i love an old "shaffarobe" or however you spell that

very cool Amy - and if only I had some more cool stuff to put around my bedroom!!!!

On Crooked Creek said...

Your greatest find will serve you well for many years!!! Cherish your daughters comments...tells me she has her "own style" evolving. My MoMa wouldn't allow me to mix pink and green in my bedroom or my clothing...and I use pink and green everywhere now! Thanks for your precious comments and visits...they are like rain on this dry, arid Prairie!

Debbie said...

I admit it. I thought by the title that you were going to say that you had gone all Johnny Cash on us and were only wearing black.

I love the wardrobe! I think it fits in that room beautifully, and I love the iron planter even more.

I have the same issue with my TV. It's just ugly in my room, but I fall asleep to it when home alone so...

NanaDiana said...

What a great old piece. Funny what your daughter said- kids never "get it". Hope you are having a wonderful summer- xo Diana

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Amy -- that black wardrobe is only yours because you beat me to it :) -- it is GORGEOUS. I am loving that iron planter too. Great finds. I am hoping to get out some this weekend -- there are deals waiting for me I am sure :)

Happy 4th!


~Kristin~ said...

Love it!!
And I'm with you on photo taking...some of these bloggy girls take the most beautiful photos.
Happy 4th!

Anne said...

Great finds!!!! Love your hanging light fixture too.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh wow! I love it.
It has wonderful curves and that mirror--is aged to perfection. I can see why you like it.
If it were me, I'd think twice before changing the patina on it. just saying.
I love it like it is...Pat

pballard said...

That is also my new motto! Just moved and boy did I realize I have way to much stuff. But I love it all... So I will just have to swap out when I get new stuff. I love the chippy planter!

Korrie Bastian said...

You have some great new pieces, but that planter is my favorite!

Deanna said...

neat find!!!!

Becky C said...

I love the new black wardrobe in your really was a terrific find. The old rusty iron planter is perfect for vintage linens. It looks great next to the wardrobe! You have found some great things this summer :) And I think your photos are beautiful!!
Hugs & see you soon :)

must love junk said...

The wardrobe looks perfect in that room! I have one almost exactly like it, but it's just au natural wood-I love the black paint!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love that wardrobe Amy!! Have to laugh though, when the post was loading we thought you had gone out and bought a lot of black!! Enjoy your new find :)
Karla & Karrie

LLH Designs said...

Faith tells it like it is! Love her already! I operate by the same motto. Way to go! Love your finds. (And tell your baby girl she can inherit the big black wardrobe!) xoxo!

Stephanie said...

Great finds Amy! Love the black wardrobe!

Barbara said...

We had a fire in 1990 and lost everything, when we went and purchased new things I went with the black, I mean the kitchen table, china cabinet, front room entertainment center, the tables, and the furniture was black back ground with swirls of teal and rose, pretty but long story short, I got very tired of the black quickly, hope you stay liking it.

Jenni said...

Hi Amy~

You did find some amazing things! The wardrobe is beautiful and so is your plant stand! Those are pieces you don't find every day. :) They both look gorgeous in your home!

I hope you had a lovely Independence Day, and that you have a beautiful weekend! :)


ioana carmen said...

wow, beautiful!

~ Fashion Spot ~