Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pallet Tray

Hey friends!


Hope you are all doing well.  Me…I am just fine.


I  showed you in my last post the outdoor pallet table that my oldest daughter made for our deck.  I also told you that my youngest daughter helped her daddy build me a beautiful tray out of pallet wood.


I want to show you the tray so you will see just how talented both of our daughters are.  Let me tell you that our son is super talented also, but his talents lie in all things electronic.


This is my pallet tray…


pallet tray


tray 2



Isn’t this just great!


They tore apart the pallets, sawed off what they didn’t need and even made handles on both ends.  This is one heavy tray.


What a versatile piece.  I will use it here for awhile to house our drinking jars, but it would also be a great tray to carry things in and out of the kitchen if we are dining outdoors.


Handy and sweet children!


I pray that the rest of your week is truly blessed.



stefanie said...

love it!!! and love your home!!! its perfect!

Our French Inspired Home said...

What a cute tray. Im sure its one you will love forever.

Creative Ambitions said...

They did a great job Amy!! Love it! :)

Susie said...

Amy, Kudos to your daughters. They did a fine job. Smiles, Susie

{annie_loo} said...

I LOVE THIS! I currently have LOTS of pallets taken apart in our garage for a project that I never finished. This one looks doable for me!!!!! Love it!

Megan Jenelle said...

This is such a great idea! Way to go! - to your youngest daughter! I am impressed! I am going to show this to my husband, and maybe we can make one of these! Thanks for posting Amy!
Megan Jenelle @ A Blossoming Homestead
1 Cor 10:31

melissa said...

what a wonderful way to re-use those! we have so many around we cannot use anymore, that i may just have to copy this!

take care little lady!

NanaDiana said...

Your kids did a great job- They are BOTH talented! I love the tray and it LOOKS heavy- xo Diana

It's me said...

So nice !!! from

Tammy said...

Love it! They did a great job! Pinning this!

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

WOW Amy, you do have a talented family!!~
You can send your son over anytime, because that is one thing I am not good at, electronics.
Also, hubby and I are contemplating building our own bookshelves, so your girls might be able to help us with that. If your ever up for a visit to Cali, let me know. :)
Have a beautiful night.

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

What a great look...and functional too. What could be better?
Blessings & hugs,

Anne said...

LOVE this!!! So many fun uses too!

Becky C said...

What a nice little pallet project, Amy! I love your tray. Love the handles on the side. It looks perfect sitting on your island holding the jars. You have a wonderful family to help you with your projects :) They sure are handy! Your kitchen photos look gorgeous with the sunlight streaming in.
Miss you all

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE it. You need to have her create some more and sell them. Don't they just go perfectly with your home, too?

chateau chic said...

Hi Amy, Your tray and table are such special treasures from your children. Love the handles on each side of the tray. I know you'll have fun using that in so many ways.
Mary Alice

Bronwyn said...

Aren't you blessed with talented children! What a lovely piece that is useful AND pretty!

Tricia said...

Oh, I love that! It makes me think of an old Coke bottle carrier that I have.

Keeping it Cozy said...

I love your tray, Amy! How special... and the perfect place for your jars. Such a talented family! :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

How clever! Such talent in your family, and wonderful memories being made.

have a great weekend, Pat

must love junk said...

What a fantastic piece! And made by family? Even better!

On Crooked Creek said...

I agree...another talented daughter,indeed!!! It must be heart~warming to look at those pieces "Made by Hand" from each of your children. Thank you for sharing their creative talents with us!

lynn said...

she did a wonderful job on this cute tray, amy:) happy weekend!

Angie said...

I found you through Keeping it Cozy. I LOVE your blog! Your home and photography are so beautiful.

LLH Designs said...

Love, love, LOVE it! I had to leave two pallets behind in Houston because they wouldn't fit in the moving van. Boo!

Kolein said...

It looks like there may be some young bloggers in the future???