Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy and Blessed

Hey friends!


Whew!!!  My days are full but good.


My son has been gone all summer working at summer camp.  He comes home on Saturdays and I do his laundry and then he goes back.


My husband has traveled off and on all summer to Washington and now California.    Our oldest daughter traveled with him to California, which is where they are now.


My youngest daughter and I spent a few days visiting the beautiful city of Franklin, Tennessee, where we shopped, ate, swam, made and visited with new friends, ate some more.


We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Brentwood, near Franklin, called the Puffy Muffin.  Oh my, it was beyond fabulous. 


We went to Leiper’s Fork, which was just featured in Country Living magazine, and ate lunch with a new blogging friend that the Lord put right in my pathway.(literally)   Such a great story, but probably too long.  Trust me that God will direct our steps if we ask Him to and He will put us exactly where He wants us to be and when He wants us to be there.  I have been asking the Lord every day to direct my steps throughout the day. 


Went to the Nashville Flea Market last weekend and had a blast.  Picked up some great new things.  Copper is my latest desire.


Have gotten to spend extra time with my brother and sister-in-law recently and have been truly blessed by it.  So thankful for family.


Gotten to celebrate the end of my mom’s treatments and getting her port removed.  Celebrating hair growing back!  She is beautiful…always has been.


Had my pretend barn sale, which went great.  Would love a barn so I could have the real thing. 


Growing and working in our  garden that is booming right now. 


Gathering over a dozen eggs a day from our hens. 


Thankful for farm fresh eggs and fresh homegrown veggies.


Getting ready to celebrate my 44th birthday.  Wow!  I can’t believe it.  Thankful to be alive, healthy, and loved by the One who matters.


Working on some home projects that I will be sharing soon.


Blessings to you all!



Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It sounds like a busy summer for you and your family, but a good one too. Thanks for the wonderful reminder to ask God to direct our steps :)

Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home said...

What a busy and full life you've been having! Glad that you are doing well.

Where in California is your hubs?

Blondie's Journal said...

Wow, Amy! You have been busy and it's all good! I just met up with some blogging friends in the last month and it has been a wonderful experience. Life is good!

Enjoy your summer. I hope you are not having too much heat although it seems it's everywhere!


It's me said...

Love from

BECKY said...

Hey Gal! Too cool! Your birthday is the same day as my youngest daughters'!

You have had a busy summer so far, huh? Me, too, even though the weddings are just memories now!

Me and my oldest were talking and she wants to go back and visit Nashville. She lived there for a little while, and I told her I have this great blog friend I'd love to meet, so we were planning a dream trip up your way. Too much fun! Hopefully we can make it happen one day soon!!

Have a wonderful day, sweetie! Know that you're thought of often, and so appreciated for being you!
Hugs and love,

chateau chic said...

Sounds like you've been busy with wonderful times with your daughter and friends!
May Alice

Anne said...

Sounds like a fun but busy summer!How fun to meet up with blogging friends too.

The Summer Porch said...

Summers are such a busy time, you are enjoying yours to the fullest.
I love the way you write and look at life.
You had a barn sale? See you peeked my curiosity! ;)
I love Country Living magazine, I have so many stacks from past issues that I simply can't (won't) part with.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugs Rosemary...xo

lynn said...

good for you!...enjoying your summer:)

Olive Cooper said...

The Lord works it all out Amy as you said and there are no coincidences. Our favorite vacation spot is Tennessee or North Carolina or both! xoxo, Olive

Kolein said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer so far!!!

Happy Birthday to you!


~Kristin~ said...

Amy~ I'll be 42 in a couple of weeks. So I know how you are feeling! I feel so fortunate! I wished I would have appreciated all of these blessings in my 20's and 30's...

Hey~Tow things.
#1 I like that ice cream maker. It's a Cuisinart and it makes a nice small batch at a time. But, it does not compare to the old school taste of a rock slat mixer, know what I mean?
But it makes up for it with the lack of hassle. I just mix up a batch of that vanilla recipe that you saw on my blog, pour it in, turn on the mixer, and it's done by the time we are through with supper. Then I clean out the freezer bowl and stick it right back in the freezer for next time.
Super easy!!!

#2 I am almost done reading that book, "Almost Amish". Do you want to read it? I'll send it to you when I'm done? And then you can just pass it on to someone else.

Let me know!

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

You are truly blessed Amy!! I'm so glad your having such a lovely Summer!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

On Crooked Creek said...

Busy, indeed!
I have a penpal who recently moved to Franklin, Tennessee! She is making the adjustment from Chicago, Illinois and loves the people there! Small world, isn't it??? So~o~o glad you met a friend! Blogging friends are truly the greatest people...close like family! Enjoy the bounties of your garden!

Debbie said...

You had me at puffy muffin.

I think we've been to Franklin on one of our vacations. We've done TN ones several times with the girls back when it was part of the husband's territoty. Is there either a Davy Crockett cabin near there or a Davy Crockett birth site?

(He was/is one of the girls' favorite historical figures so we've been to two Crockett sites in TN. Lame, yes...)

Melissa said...

Sounds like life is good!! :) So happy to hear it!

LLH Designs said...

I've been marveling at how God put us in each other's a way only He could do. Loved our rocking chair chat in Leiper's Fork. Please come again soon! You are a real gem, Amy! Xoxo!