Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Half of the Back Roads Trip

Hey friends. 


If you came back today for the rest of our country roads trip, thank you.  We really are friends, aren’t we?


We spent the day driving with the windows down and the wind blowing through our hair..literally.  Such fun times with my daughters!


house 12


house 13


house 14


The beautiful Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant.  Outstanding food and atmosphere!


house 15


Notice that the above photo is a medical clinic.  Oh my…


house 16


house 17


jack 18


This photo above  is actually part of Jack Daniels Distillery which is what Lynchburg is famous for.


tractor 19


house 21


house 23


house 25


sign 27


house 28


sign 31


Only in Tennessee are there road names such as this one.  Awesome, isn’t it?


store 31


house 35


truck 36



We drove.  We walked the beautiful old town square.  We ate homemade chicken salad and caramel apple desserts in mason jars.    We talked.  We laughed.  We sang country songs.   We made memories.


Oh what a day!



Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I'm back for more, we are friends!
I love the second photo, I want a little cottage like that! So fun to have daughters, to have the windows down with your hair blowing on a spring day. Priceless!


Blondie's Journal said...

I'm glad you had a great time, Amy! And you got some great shots! I love the street signs, too!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


Becky C said...

I love every photo...your photos are beautiful BTW! I think I could live in any of those old houses, sigh :)
The tractor is pretty amazing, and I'd drive that truck around, too. Such a serene little country town. Makes me miss ya'll more...
Lots of hugs

On Crooked Creek said...

This is gorgeous! What truly amazes me is that all the houses are white and so stately! Not blan, as one might think. I can visualize you and your daughters making wonderful memories together...those that will last a lifetime!

A Thrifted Market said...

Love it all Amy! Love that you ate dessert out of mason jars. May be heading up to Tennessee in a week or so..hope the weather is nice!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

What a great way to spend the day, love all the gorgeous photos!

raggygirlvintage said...

Wow, what amazing buildings Amy!! And sweet memories with your girls, I'm sure it will be a trip they always remember too:-)

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful day you had! Thanks for sharing!

chateau chic said...

What a wonderful way to spend time with your daughters! Beautiful photos of charming places.
Mary Alice

Mary said...

this totally makes me crave a road trip!
i have been itching to do something like this. spring fever! :)
we love driving through old towns and admiring all of the old homes and shops.
i can just imagine you sweet girls having so much fun together.
you are an inspiration to me. :)
have a wonderful weekend!

Holly said...

So I could live there! Hey Amy, what is the music you have playing on your blog? It's beautiful.

Donna said...

Oh Amy, what a great day with your daughters! There are no words to tell you how much I LOVED the photos. It's like a five minute vacation viewing them!

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

I really enjoyed the tour, these homes a my dream home...I grew up in the country, married a city man and here i am. The first photo is my favorite, thanks for the trip down memory lane.......Bonnie

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for taking us on your trip!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Dog Tail Road... love it!! Oh how I love our country drives! :)

Sally said...

Well, I'm a new friend, and LOVE the photo's. Haven't been to Tennesee in a long time!! Thank you! :)

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

I'll take one of each house!!
What a great trip!!

arrielle_p said...

Wow a lot of beautiful houses you have posted in here. First photo is the design I want for my new home. :)

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