Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where We Learn…

Hey all my friends! 

I know a lot of you know that we homeschool our children.  We began homeschooling when our son started Kindergarten and he just started college this week.  We also homeschool our two other children; one a junior and the other in 3rd grade.

My husband and I have counted it as such a blessing to be able to teach our children at home, even though we all teach our children at home, don’t we?  We just felt led to keep them at home when school time came around. 

I am so thankful that God called us to this job.  It has been very rewarding and also very difficult at times.  Oh, did I tell you that I am the teacher and my husband the principal?  Yeah, he gets a kick out of saying that he is the principal.  That’s fine with me because he is also the math and science teacher when the material gets too tough for me to understand. 

Right now, our oldest homeschool child does most of her work independently in her room.  (except for test time)  The youngest and I do her work together.  I am teaching her to be more independent in her work, but mom is still needed a big percentage of the time. 

Since I do have to be pretty much right with Faith, I like to do our school work downstairs close to the kitchen and laundry room.  We have a big playroom that would be great for a school room, but it’s upstairs and too far from the day’s happenings. 

We tried a couple of different places but decided on the room that we or maybe me, find the most calming and relaxing.   That happens to be the dining room with the big farm table and most everything painted white.  It also has two windows that look out onto the front yard so we can see our chickens playing and anyone who happens down the driveway.  I pull the blinds all the way up every morning to let the sun shine in on our day and then we work, and play, and talk, and laugh, and I love it!

school 7

school 3

school 4

school 5

school 6

school 8

school 1 yes

school 9

This is my youngest love that makes my heart go pitter patter.

You know that I love my farm table and now it’s become a great spot to do more than just eat at.  Learning can be “pretty”.

(chemo treatment number two for my mama tomorrow (Thursday)…please pray if you feel led to) WHEN WE ARE WEAK, HE SURE IS STRONG!!!!!

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Amy! I love your school room.

I miss homeschooling my kiddos so much. They are all grown now, and my youngest (took classes this summer)just started her official school year at the community college.
It was a slow start for her, she'll be 21, by baby! week. She is already a mother of two, can you believe it? I'm so proud of her. God has blessed us in so many ways.

Enjoy your kiddos while you can... I play like I'm still homeschooling when the Grands are here. We always have fun taking nature walks, reading books and playing games...they're so little they don't know they are learning!

Am praying for your mom still. Hope to hear good reports in the future.
~ blessings to you and yours, Pat

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I just had my first treatment on my new chemo. So far so good. I hope your mom will do well tomorrow and the days that follow. Your daughter is adorable and how wonderful that you have such a great place to be mom and teacher!

gina3 said...

I like this post a lot. I work for a public school district and am a big fan of good public education (I know there are some bad schools out there though). I liked this post because home school can be just as good when done well and done right. If done well and done right, it can be as you said rewarding and challenging. Congratulations on doing it well and to your oldest starting college. Prayers for your mom.

BECKY said...

Love this post, Amy! I didn't remember that you homeschooled, too! How cool! I only school Maddy {13}...our other three are adults and went through public school.

I love it, too. We have such a blast, and I love the closeness we share. This year she is taking 3 virtual courses, so I will be freed up some.

And of course, I love that table too! We school at our breakfast nook table, but schooled on the family room sofa in the earlier years! The nook table is an antique with drop sides that is a family heirloom. Love the history!

Hugs to you!

Lori said...

Love that globe on the table, love that table too!

Regina from The Queenly Abode said...

Hi Amy, wow your post brings back memories of homeschooling our son, he graduated in 06 and is almost finished with college. We homeschooled from k5-12th, it went by too fast!
have a great day,
p.s. will pray for your Mom!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

What a pretty place for your young one to have school, Amy! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the globe on the table was the children's song, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." Homeschooling is such a blessing!

Come by tonight and see yourself featured at Time Travel Thursday. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Hi Amy,
I think that is so wonderful that you get to home school your children. I always wanted to home school my boys, but I'm not sure if I'm the best one to teach them all of the new curriculum that's out there now, especially here in So Cal. But I am completely in awe of those parents that can do it!!
I love your table vignette, it's so beautiful!
Hope you have a great night.

Becky C said...

Hey my sweet friend! You are so very blessed to have those precious children right there with you... and your dining room is a gorgeous place to enjoy your learning together. Love the globe vignette. And that No. 9 crate is pretty cool :)
Praying for your mom this morning. Yes, HE is strong. Praying for HIS strength to fill her.
hug all your kiddos for me
Have a wonderful day

Kolein said...

Amy, such a lovely place to teach and learn and become!

I will continue to pray for your mom. I think about her and your family nearly every day!

All my love,

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I salute all homeschool moms. I did not feel led to homeschool, but I admire all those that do. And what a peaceful, beautiful place to study.

Gypsy Heart said...

Absolutely beautiful school room! The picture of your youngest is neat ~ she is so adorable. One of my cousins homeschooled all 3 of their children and it was amazing. I think family is so important!

My prayers are still with your Mom. Sending healing energy her way ~


Gypsy Heart said...

Absolutely beautiful school room! The picture of your youngest is neat ~ she is so adorable. One of my cousins homeschooled all 3 of their children and it was amazing. I think family is so important!

My prayers are still with your Mom. Sending healing energy her way ~


Debbie said...

I would love to learn there, and I would love to teach there.

I am not forgetting to pray. In fact, I'm in a very prayerful place right now. Just doing a lot of resting and praying.

Miss Gracie's House said...

LOVE the globe and the bit of matter which home we have been in we always have ended up at the dining room table doing school, too! I'm like you...I need to multi-task...and yay for the principles, too!
Prayers offered up for you mama...

Green Willow Pond said...

Congratulations on your 1st graduate Amy! My second graduated this year and I now have two in college. Our youngest is 7th grade. We have homeschooled our kids from the very beginning too. It was definitely a calling and a privilege for us.

I totally get that it is rewarding but sometimes difficult. There were and are some days I want to tear my hair out, but the rewards more than make up for it. As I see my older kids spread their wings, and become more independent of us, it is so wonderful to see them making good decisions. They are so much more mature than I was at that age.

I am sorry I didn't know about your mom sooner. I am very behind on my blog reading. I will be praying for her and you. {{{hugs}}}