Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Lovely LaurieAnna’s

Hello to all of my friends…old and new!


There were so many amazing highlights to our trip to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago.


The company, of course, was the best part. 


The food was amazing.


The hospitality was grand.


And the shopping was fantastic!


Becky and her precious (yes, I said precious) husband took me to Canton, Texas, to a huge flea market.  Let me tell you that this place was huge… and they kept telling me it was small for August.  I will also tell you that it was HOT like no other hot I have ever felt!


The best part of our trip to Canton was that they also took me to the most beautiful shop that I believe I have ever been in.  This place was amazing from the moment my foot stepped in the door.


The fragrances were amazing….the sights were beautiful…the people were friendly.


Inspiration was everywhere.


I tried to soak in every little detail because I knew I would not be back for at least a year.  (LaurieAnna, I will be back though)


We asked permission to take a few photographs because I wanted to share the beauty with all of you who have never had the opportunity to go.  The pictures I took will not do this place justice.


Take a look at just a little of what I saw…


This beautiful lavender greeted us at the door and  I put my nose as close to it as I could without looking like a very strange out of town person.


laurie annas 8



laurie annas 1



laurie annas 2



laurie annas 3



laurie annas 4



laurie annas 5



laurie annas 6



laurie annas 7


Didn’t I tell you that it was gorgeous beyond measure?


I really want to just take my family and move in.


I also really want LaurieAnna and her talented husband to come to middle Tennessee and open up a shop.


What you need to do now is head over to LaurieAnna's Vintage Home blog and check out her beautiful new farmhouse and take a look around her online shoppe.  Really, you have to go over there.  And, if you are ever in Canton, Texas, you really must go to her shoppe and see what I saw. 


It is truly an experience.


Oh yeah, let me show you one of the things that I brought back to Tennessee with me…


jars !



I am totally loving the look and the convenience of this bottle drying rack.  Becky had one similar to this one and I loved it,  so I had to bring one home with me.



jars !!


The little chalkboard slate came from her shoppe also.  Such fun!


Okay, head on over to LaurieAnna's when you have a few minutes to soak in some major beauty.



sissie said...

Hi Amy,
Lucky you to get the chance to go to her wonderful shop. Love the photos. I also love your bottle drying rack. I'd love to have one too.


heartland farmhouse said...

So much to take in!
I like the little white pitcher from the first photo! I never would have thought to use it as a scoop!


gina3 said...

I've been there and it is a great place. Your pictures do a great job capturing what the store is like! If you can believe it, it actually has been hotter by a couple of degrees since your visit!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhh Amy ~ I totally know what you mean about Laurie's shop ~ It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it for the first time ~
Isn't Canton the best too! You would love it during months that aren't horrifying hot ~

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

What a beautiful shop..and I love the bottle drying rack!

Angela said...

Oh Amy, just another reason to want to go back to visit Becky,huh? I would love to visit a shop like that. Such amazing things in the pictures. Love the bottle rack. I see lots of those on blogs and hope to find one at a great price one day. Thanks for thinking of all us in blogland and taking pictures to share. Have a great day.

Sandi said...

That shop looks downright amazing!! LOVE the photos and those lights are so neat!! Glad you had a great time.

Lou said...

Amy - I have not been able to keep up with you! You are writing way too much ~ taking great pictures ~ definitely pulling on my heartstrings ~ the Louisiana trip, the bonding of your families, and now this beautiful shop. Thought I better send you a message before another blog gets away from me. I guess I'm a little slow. Just printed out your S'Mores cupcake recipe last night. Whew! but I'm loving every minute of it so keep them coming.
Connie (aka Lou)

Becky C said...

Wasn't it just breathtaking? You took some really gorgeous shots! I'm so glad we got to go together, even if it was too hot... And it won't be our last trip! Laurie Anna is such an inspiration.
And your drying rack looks so great with your mason jars. I want one like that ;)
Have a great night!

Prior said...

Aww Amy, I live 20 minutes from Canton, I would have ran over to Laurie Anna'a and gave you a hug! Canton is big and Texas is hot!

Glad you had a great trip!

Lori said...

Isn't it wonderful. I just smile big every time I walk in, you can never see everything. Glad you got to enjoy and lukcy me I only live an hour away! Drat she is only open once a month. Can you believe it?

A Rosy Note said...

Oh my gooodness! It looks absolutely wonderful there...I want to go too. Does she do all that alone, with just her husband, or are there other people who rent space? There is just sooo much stuff! I love your bottle rack, Amy. I've tried to find one, but the only ones I've seen are so expensive.


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Oh Amy, aren't you just the sweetest thing. You and Becky are two peas in a pod and I can definitely see why you connected as you did! Thank you for this sweet and generous post about the Shoppe, I hope that you will be back soon!

You and Becky also both take beautiful photos.....kindred spirits.

xoxo LaurieAnna

Laura said...

Isn't her shop amazing?
Our paths crossed that weekend-
I was there too!

White Spray Paint

Jill said...

What a beautiful shop!!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so glad you were able to visit Canton and yes, it was small for August...just too hot. I have a friend that has a place there and it was just horrid for them. If you could visit in Oct/Nov and then in the spring, you'd never want to leave. :-) Of course, Laurie Anna's shop is divine!

Next time you're this close, give me a call and we'll meet.


NanaDiana said...

OMGoodness~ Did you think you had died and gone to Heaven On Earth? What a gorgeous place-I would have been walking around with my mouth agape! Love it-and YOU get to go back again~ xo Diana

Heaven's Walk said...

Well, I must agree that Laurie's shop is amaaaaazing! Could we share living expenses, Amy..??? lol! Luv that basket/chandelier! What an awesome idea! If she opens a shop in TN, then she's gotta open one in MI.....lol!

xoxo laurie

michelle said...

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous place!! I so wish we had something similar here, I think I would go broke! :) I am glad that you had a great time.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Amy - what a fabulous inspirational store you found :) Love your drying rack too!! Sounds like you had a marvelous time - guess it was worth the heat - 'eh?!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Thanks for such fab photos! I have to come back and loook over every inch!

Conny's Cottage said...

what a great shop.

I like it.

hugs Conny

Design Dork said...

I love the third picture, the chandelier is beautiful!