Monday, June 20, 2011

Where Is Herley Now?

Hi friends!
Remember Herley from this post? (take a look if you have a quick sec)
Well, he  has made his way in from the dining room into the living room where we spend most all of our time.
Yep, he is moving up in this family, and no one is complaining.
See where my buddy, Herley, is now.
cow 1

cow 2

Isn’t he just gorgeous standing there so strong, tall and proud?

cow 3

Do you remember me telling you that he came from Goodwill?  I am still thrilled that I found him.

cow 4

Now I ask…how crazy is it that I have such a fond affection for this painting?
Hope you are all doing great and staying cool and having fun this summer! 
Blessings to you all!

Partying at Marty's tonight for her Tabletop Tuesday party.

Also headed over to Capers of the Vintage Vixens for a great party where etsy shop owners are given a place to advertsie their shop for FREE!!  Hooray for free advertising and for friends who make that available.  Thanks so much.

Also headed over to share this treasure at White Ironstone Cottage for her Treasure Chest Friday


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

He's still gorgeous! I'm glad your family has learned to accept him. :)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I dunno...maybe you were a cow in another life? Or a leather tanner? lol It is a gorgeous picture and I would have picked it up too...just cuz we live in Wisconsin...if for no other reason! Hope your week is a good one! xo Diana

Pam said...

I love your Herley painting. And I love how you have the table decorated. Beautiful!


Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Amy, I love that cow. Seriously. I have been looking for a cow print for quite some time. This is encouraging....maybe I'll find a good one like you did! Linda

A Rosy Note said...

I LOVE that painting! I remember when you originally posted about it. I can't believe someone would donate something so wonderful to Goodwill. I'm glad to see you display him so prominently :)

Jenni said...

I think he is so cute! And the painting looks perfect tucked at the back of the little table. I also LOVE the whole arrangement with the sweet chairs on each side, and the cute pillows! Perfection! :)

Did you have a good Monday? I hope so, and I also hope you have a good and restful night. :)


Angela said...

Oh Amy, I just love Harley. Don't know how I missed your former post on him, but the name is perfect and the fact that he reminds you of two such special people in your life.
I love finding something that just tugs at my heart, yet everyone thinks I have lost my marbles.(lol)
Display him proudly. I think he looks great where you have him. Have a great day.

Robin said...

Herley still looks amazing. What a great find!

Liz said...

I LOVE Harley! He is such a stud! :)
Actually, that is really a great painting.


Ido said...

Amy that is a beautiful painting, I love paintings of cows, I have painted one my self to give as a present for my son's godfather, your table looks gorgeous with all those decorations!
Have a lovely day!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I think it is just great that you have such a fondness for this painting. How wonderful to love the things in our home.
Have a PRETTY day!

A Cottage Muse said...

Perfect vignette for him!!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I would have snatch him up in a NY minute. I have hunted for years for a fabulous cow painting and Herley is absolutely stunning. Love him. He looks fabulous in your vignette. What a great find. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Amy, do NOT listen to that crazy lady, Nana Diana! lolol! Oh my goodness, she had me laughing so hard! :0 I love Herley, too. I think the colors in that painting are so pretty, and he looks perfect next to those pitchers! So glad that the clan has embraced Herley into the fold! :)

xoxo laurie

Becky C said...

Oh isn't he just splendid sitting there on your wonderful table! I love him, still. He should be proudly displayed, after all, he's gorgeous :)
I've been telling Shannon I want a painting of a cow...and then you posted about Herley again :)
And those enamel pitchers look great with him. Love the green one!!

Christie said...

I am glad I came over! New follower...very pretty, pretty here! Love the painting and all the decor! Will spend some time looking through your lovely place! Thanks for reminding about the s'mores cupcakes! I posted today! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

Pattie said...

Hi Amy so glad you came over to visit and thank you for becoming a follower I have been following you for a while everything looks so nice in your home Have a great rest of the week


saltbox treasures said...

Hi Amy, It's nice to meet Herley :).
I'm sure he is happy to not be hiding behind a chair.
{We have a GW outlet here too.}
Have a great day!
~ Julie

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

What a pretty scene! I love your two enamelware pitchers.

cindy said...

Ii think that is the perfect place for Harley. You have him so beautifully arranged with the flowers.


outjunking said...

I wish that I could have found that pic myself. Gorgeous.

Karen said...

Herley is great and I love the vignette. Visiting from Treasure Chest Friday.

Butterbean Row said...

I love your Herley painting. How is it that I can't seem to find any real bargains at thrift stores? I am going to try harder.

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Amy Thanks for linking with Treasure Chest Friday
I am grateful
and I am also your newest follower
Love making new friends
Your blog is an inspiration

Bea said...

This is my first visit to your lovely blog, and oh my goodness I absolutely ADORE that painting. What a find!!!!