Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s For Lunch?

First of all, can I just tell you that at this very minute, it is raining outside.
Rain, my friends, rain!  Hallelujah!  We, my garden, people’s crops, everything, needs it right now.
It’s funny though because I was just fixing to head outside with a basket full of laundry to hang on the line and then down came the rain.
I am not complaining!
Back to what’s for lunch at our house.
My sweet, beautiful, oldest daughter, Beth, has started making pasta salad for us and it is delicious.
Would you believe it if I told you I have never fixed pasta salad except from a box and that was years ago?  I actually don’t buy many boxed foods at all anymore.  I figure that most convenience foods are way too expensive and probably not very good for you so I try to make most things from scratch and just eat lots of natural stuff.
Beth’s pasta salad recipe is wonderful and I want to share it with you right after I share a few pictures of lunch at my house yesterday.


These are some of the ingredients she uses.  She did respectfully inform me, however, that she would not use this kind of noodles in her pasta, but it’s what I chose for my photo because they looked good in the jar.


Doesn’t it look yummy?  A few little cherry tomatoes thrown in and ooo la la.  (my two youngest kids don’t typically like tomatoes, so those are just in my imagination)


This is where I had my scrumptious lunch, right here on this scrumptious table. 

My friends, I love my table.  I eat a lot of my breakfast and lunch meals here, work on my Bible study here, and do a lot of my etsy shop and blogging stuff here.  It makes me feel good to be in this room.  Does that make any sense at all?

Now for the recipe…
Beth’s Pasta Salad
Pasta noodles
1 TB vinegar
1/2 cup of  mayonnaise
1/2 cup milk
1 package of Knorr vegetable dip mix (shown above)
Ranch dressing to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
(she also added fresh peas that were given to us from a friend’s garden)

Easy peasy, right?

I know, most of you make pasta salad all of the time, but humor me and act like you are a beginner like me.

Now, I can whip you up a big pot of good old pinto beans that taste like your grandmother’s or fry you up a mess of okra straight from the garden.  But, pasta salad, I  just haven’t done.  And since Beth can do it so well, don’t you think I should just let her continue?


Two added notes…(STICK WITH ME, PLEASE)

The rain has now stopped.  Short but sweet!

********Second thing…I have to share with you something that I am so excited about.
My friend Becky over at Buckets of Burlap, is planning to open an online shop very soon. 
She is shopping, photographing and getting everything just perfect for all of us to go shopping with her.
She is carefully selecting items that she knows we will all love.
Let me tell you about her.   She is wonderful, sweet and can decorate a home like nobody’s business.  I am  talking beautiful, classy, unique, time worn, farmhouse decorating going on in her home.  And, what that says to me is that she will be looking for similar items to stock her shop with.  YAY!
Can you tell I am excited?  I’m excited because she means so much to me but also because I’m thinking there is going to be some great stuff to fill our homes with that she finds at those fantastic flea markets in Louisiana and Texas.
Keep an eye out over at her place for her grand opening!


Now off to hang my clothes on the line.

Thanks for hanging (no pun intended) with me till the end of this extremely long post.  (my kids think I am so strange sometimes and this probably proves it) Smile


I have done some major price reducing in my Etsy Shop to make room for more items that will be going in soon.  I am headed to the Nashville Flea Market this week and can't wait to find some new treasures for us all.  Go take a look around the shop and see if anything suits your fancy.


Ido said...

I love the vegetable knorr dip, I make my soup with elbows, brown them in a lightly greased pan, add water or chicken broth, let them cook and almost at the end add the vegetable dip, it's so delicious, makes everything taste better. Loved your recipe, will have to try it. I'm glad you're getting some rain.
Enjoy your day!

michelle said...

It looks so good, so clean and fresh and I love your setting at your beautiful table. :)

Ruth said...

Pasta salad sounds yummy. Makes me want some. We have had so much rain here. Wish I could share some with you.
Love her blog and can't wait to see the treasures in her shop.


artis1111 said...

It is making me hungry right now. Looks wonderful. Kathy

NanaDiana said...

Well, YOU know I LIKE strange! And I read and HUNG onto every word! I don't make pasta salad very often either..isn't that funny? And we do like it. I don't know why I don't take the time to make it more often. My Mother made it all the time in the summer...maybe I had more than my share then!

I will be looking for your friend's shop to get up and running. So far, I am ashamed to say, I have not made my first Etsy purchase. I am trying not to BUY more STUFF till I lose some of what I already have!

Have a wonderful week, Ames~ xo Diana

A Rosy Note said...

That pasta salad looks so yummy...and easy too. I'll have to look for that knorr dip. The pasta salad recipe that I have is sooo time consuming, but very tasty, so I hardly even make it.

Becky C said...

I can't believe you guys got RAIN!!!
That's incredible. Send some our way LOL
This recipe sounds very yummy! We love easy. I will have to try it. Maybe she can whip some up while you guys are here :)
Thanks for mentioning me & my shop, Amy. You are precious to me, my friend! I hope to get it up and running soon.
Have a great night

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Hello dear friend ~ great post and love that table ~ what a wonderful spot to enjoy your daily meals. I'd spend a lot of time there too. Thank you for dropping by and saying Hi, as the spring and summer weeks buzz by on the farm, the course, and at the winery. Not one to wish time away ~ fall harvest is a welcome vacation LOL. ~ Blessings sweet girl.

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Looks delicious, my daughter loves to eat and make pasta salad, I am going to have to get her to try this one. I bet cucumbers would be in it too. Ms Buckets of Burlap doesn't live too far from me, we both actually shop at the same flea market. She has beautiful stuff, so exciting!

Southern Shop Girls said...

Yum. The salad looks amazing and I can't wait to try it. If I had that table, I'd never want to leave it. Is it long enough for a sleeping bag? =) And I have to say that the pasta in the jar looked amazing!


Southern Shop Girls said...


The pasta looks yummy and I can't wait to try it.

If that table lived with me I'd do everything there as well. Is it long enough for a sleeping bag? ;)

Enjoy the rain. Praying for God to send us some in North Texas. It's bone dry here and hotter than blue blazes!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

ohhh...have fun at the flea Amy! The pasta salad looks yummy - we just might have to make some for lunch as well :) and yes, we understand what it's like to just sit and stare at a room from a doorway, sit in a room, and being so thankful it's yours...and we just bet that you just walk in that room to run your hand across that table b/caus it's sooo darn cute :)
Have a great day Amy!!

Ginger said...

Yum! One can never have too many pasta recipes. Love that you use your clothesline; hanging clothes on the line is my favorite summer chore.

Ido said...

Hi Amy, yes I do brown the noodles in a little olive oil, not too much, I brown the elbows, shells, the alphabet letters, etc. once they are a little brown, I add chicken broth or water, then you add your vegetable dip, or you can add fresh vegetables. Thank you for following!
Have a lovely day!

Mary said...

Hi Amy, the pasta salad looks delish...but anything would taste good being served on that wonderful table ! Hope your having a great day!

Debbie said...

I'll try Beth's recipe! I always just sort of trial and error mine, and sometimes it's more error than trial.

I stand with you in praising for the rain. We are in dire straits around here. The river is low, and even the trees are dying.

Praying for more, and grateful for what we have.