Sunday, June 26, 2011

Treasures From Other Etsy Shops

Hello to all of my friends!  Hope you are all doing wonderful!!

I have been so excited over the last few weeks to have found some really neat Etsy shops out there. 

Since I am now an Etsy shop owner myself, I really like to look around at what others are doing with their shops. 

Inspiration, you know!

Take a quick look at what I have found and where I have found it and then take a few minutes and check out the shops for yourself.   


green candle


I found this wonderful green wall sconce over at Blue Ridge Altered Art

You know I love that chippy green!

My next purchase came from another great shop called Post Road Vintage.


jar 1


I got two of these flower frogs with hangers to use with my blue green jars.

Love these…


jar 2


She has some great stuff in her shop!

Are you thinking that I order a lot of stuff from Etsy?  I really don’t.  I have just treated myself a little over the last month while also supporting some fellow Etsy friends.

Okay, last shop but certainly not the least one.

I ordered a beautiful little peat pot of lavender from a gorgeous shop called Junk to Joy.  Not only did I get my lovely bouquet of lavender, but Becky also included a few other little surprises.  (I think it was an early birthday gift and she didn’t even know it was my birthday) 

Look at what I got…


lavender 1


Can you believe all of these pretties in one package?


lavender 2


lavender 5


tag 1




Didn’t I tell you this was a sweeeeet package from Junk to Joy?

I have found so many more shop owners out there that are just as fantastic.  I’ll introduce you to them sometime soon.

If you go visiting any of these shops, let them know Amy sent you.

Have a great Monday and God bless!



Stephanie said...

Great treasures! I love the blue jar!

Debbie said...

Becky at Junk to Joy has long been a favorite blogger/shop owner. I love the tags as much as the stash!

I can't pick a favorite etsy treasure, though. They are all great.

Barbara said...

Nice, I have some of those canning jars, and love them,such classic kitchen items are so neat.

Ido said...

Hi Amy, I know all these shops and I'm a follower of their lovely blogs! About the lavender recipes, I got them from the magazine Victoria from one of last years issue, If you want I can make copies and mail them to you, let me know. Have a lovely day!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

What wonderful finds!! Thanks for the follow, I am so delighted to be following back.

cityfarmer said...

it's a WEALTH of stuff ... almost overwhelming

but alot of fun browsing

Christie said...

Amy, you found some great things! I need to hop over to ETSY and check all of you out! You have some great things on your sidebar, too!! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

NanaDiana said...

Hi Ames- I am so glad that you have found some great things. I love those jar/frogs and that peat pot of lavender is just darling!

Would you believe I have never shopped Etsy.....yet? lol I kind of promised myself that I won't buy any more "stuff" until I get rid of some of the "stuff" I already own!

Hope your week is a great one. I am working right through the 4th of July- ugh! xo Diana

Robin said...

I love your choices! Thanks for giving us a heads up. Love the flower frogs, may have to pick up a few of my own.

Ava said...

Thanks Amy, I love the metal tops for the mason jars. Off to Etsy :) xx Ava

BECKY said...

Hi Gal!

Love your treasures and of course am so delighted that you featured your purchase from me. The other shops are all in my faves!! {big smile}

You are delightful and I soo want us to connect soon and do some creating/junking/ name it!

Have a great day, and know that I am so glad our paths have crossed!


BECKY said...

You have an eye for design, too! Love your vignettes and staging!!