Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guest Room Ready

Hello all my sweet friends!  How are you? 

I am great because one of my best friends just came from Georgia for a visit and we had a blast together with our children and some other close friends.

I love having an extra bedroom for our guests to sleep in when they come for a visit.  That way,  everyone else gets to keep their room which means that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Our guest room is not very large but has everything it needs to make it comfy and cozy.

friends 3

I love using the scrabble tiles to leave little messages.  Aren’t they fun to use throughout the house?

The beautiful clay tag was a sweet gift from Laurie over at Heaven's Walk.  (go see her lovely farmhouse..gorgeous)

friends 2


The vintage white gloves belonged to my mother, I think.


Of course, every guest room needs fresh flowers and I love to get the $5.00 bouquets at Wal-Mart and divide them up around our house.

Do you see the little black watch?  That belonged to my sweet grandmother.

table 1

I picked up this electric “oil” lamp at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  Love it!  I also added a small candle and some matches just in case the electricity went out.  Best to be  prepared, right!


I have this little basket filled with a few things that my guests might need. 


A few reading books lie close by the bed in case there is time to sit and relax and read.

rack 2

This little corner is not very exciting and  has very little in it because it needs to be functional. 

I do want my guests to know how special they are, so this chalkboard message is the first thing they see when they walk in the room.

rack 1

This luggage rack is a nice way to get your suitcase off of the ground and make it easier to get to your clothes.

Wondering at all why there is a curtain on the wall behind the luggage rack?

Let me show you the not so pretty part of this room…the reality part…


Yep, that’s a big hole in the wall that my husband had to cut out to fix a problem with the plumbing in the adjoining bathroom.

He has not had a chance to fix the wall and it sure isn’t pretty…thus…the curtain to hide it.

dress 1

dress 2

I hung this pretty little girl’s dress on my metal shopping cart.  It  just adds a  little  interest to this window.  The shopping cart comes out on flea market weekends.

Just a note to all guests staying in this room…you  WILL be woken up by our rooster, Boots, crowing  in the wee morning hours.  So sorry…


I use this old shutter that I found in a pile of trash as  a ladder sort of thing.  I took most of the slats out of it so that I could use it like this. 

bed 2

The coverlet for my antique bed came from my mother’s mom.    It is beautiful and old.

bed 3

I was so excited to find two king size pillow shams from the Shabby Chic Line from Target.   Another Goodwill score!

full bed

I always have an extra blanket or quilt lying around in case it gets cold at night.  

full bed 2

I so want our guests to feel welcome when they come for a visit.  My desire is for them to feel like our home is a second home.  I want them to be able to rest and relax and be comfortable.

Ok, I have to say that when my friends come bearing gifts, that just makes it so much fun.  Just sayin.  Remember, gifts are part of my love language.

Let me show you what my sweet friend brought me when she came this week.


Is this not great!!  I wonder how she knew that I liked anything white. 

And, she made it, which makes it 1000 times better.  Thanks to my sweet friend.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our guest room.  Small, but sweet and welcoming, I hope.


I have added lots of new things to my Etsy shop.  Go over and take a look if you have a few extra minutes.


NanaDiana said...

Well, there you are! Just been wondering what was up with you..and now I know. Your guest room is just darling. I love it..right down to the curtain covering the missing wallboard. Maybe he should just make a big removable panel there and make it look like a sliding barn door? We should have done that in one area of our house!

I really love all the little things that you have displayed from your family-it makes the room all that more special.

What a lovely surprise your friend made for you. I love it. Not that YOU like shells, or anything like that! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana

Katie said...

There's only one word for that wreath: GORGEOUS!

Gypsy Heart said...

Can I please come & spend the night? I promise I'll bring a gift too! :-)

The room looks so warm and welcoming! I love the chalkboard sign ~ I'd like to do that in my house. All of the bedding is so precious and there are a lot of memories in the decor. You've created a wonderfully peaceful space for your guests. I know they will enjoy!


Becky C said...

Well, I didn't know you had a guest room! It's so cozy. I love the antique dresser! Oh and the coverlet is gorgeous, Amy, what a keepsake :) What a great idea to take slats out for the shutter! That looks awesome with things hanging from it!
Ok, the curtain over the hole in the wall is priceless. I am SO thankful ya'll are normal people like us, and have issues not yet tended'll see when you get here. LOL
And she made the shell wreath??? OH my, what a sweet friend! It's beautiful.
Can't wait to be awaken by that rooster!!
Have a great night

Restoration House said...

What a lovely room with so many wonderful personal touches. A person would be very blessed to have such a great guest bedroom to stay in! Glad to hear you've had such a nice time with friends Amy!

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Amy, You have created a lovely guest room for your guests. We have a hole like that in one of our walls, but, thankfully, it's in the garage :).
Have a great Sunday!
~ Julie

sissie said...

Hi Amy,
I would love to come stay in your lovely guest room. It would be so much fun just looking at all the lovely vintage items.


Mary said...

I love my room at your house! :) OK...I saw that little basket marked guests and I considered cleaning it out when I left...LOL. Only kidding! I had a great visit...I love you, My Amy! My favorite part of that room is the message on the chalkboard. You are loved, too!

Lou said...

Amy -

Absolutely beautiful room! I would definitely stay there. So what's for breakfast? I read your post last night before I went to bed and it made me smile with all the wonderful sentimental items you include in your decor. What a great gift too! Curious to know if the sheet music in the frame is special. Anything with music has my heart. Love everything about this room and I think I will hop on over to check out the clay tags.

Connie (aka Lou)

michelle said...

What a beautiful and cozy and very welcoming room you have created. Anyone would love to stay there.
I am so glad that you were able to visit with your friend and what a beautiful gift she brought to you. :)

Laurel said...

What an adorable guest all of your special touches! Laurel

Kathy said...

Your guests will be moving in permanently....
I would love an overnight in your sweet guestroom.
Little dress in the sweet.
I have them hanging all over the house too!

Glad you had some girlfriend time...
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your guest room is very cozy looking. The fabric over the work area was a great solution. Love the soft look of the linens too.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Amy that is the cutest guest room - and so thoughtfully put together :) We love your grandmother's watch hung there - that is, well, it's just really really special! What a wonderful idea (well, EVERYTHING you did is a wonderful idea!!)

Sarah, Three Boys said...

I hope you don't mind, I am coming over for the night:) It looks gorgeous. And hubs had laundry b/c he needs to be assigned a "job" if I expected him to notice clutter and pick it up I would go CRAZY. So he picked this "job" he does it and I am happy:)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It looks GORGEOUS!! I LOVE Scrabble tiles like this. They look fab, fab, fab!!!

I'm your new follower! I LOVE your blog!


Debbie said...

You have a lovely and gracious guest room, Amy. We've never had any extra bedrooms. I've always thought it would be nice to have one. I also like to get simple bouquets or bunches of flowers and spread the flower love throughout the house.

Love it all. It looks like HOME.

Tara said...

Your guest room is just perfect.I'd love to stay in such a pretty room..xx

raggygirlvintage said...

Just the sweetest guestroom Amy, I will be letting you know if I ever head down your way! Love the touch of the dress hanging on the shopping cart:-)

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Amy! What a darling guest room! I love the whole cozy, family oriented feel of it - and thank you for the shout out, too, sweetie! You're such a doll! :) How fun to be awakened by a rooster every morning! Well....maybe not after a week of it.....hehehe! Your shell wreath is just amazing! Your friend should sell them! :)

xoxo laurie

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Absolutely lovely. Visiting your blog is always a treat!