Thursday, May 5, 2011

La Famille @ Home

If you haven’t already met Alicia from La Famille @ Home, then you have missed out on a real treat.

Alicia is a homeschooling mama who has been blessed with major creative genes.

Her home is beautiful, her children are beautiful, she is beautiful and she loves the Lord and is very open about it.

She also has a wonderful Etsy shop that is full of some of her gorgeous handmade items.  In this shop are some of her great numbered burlap pillows.

Since I am a burlapaholic,  a numberaholic,  a homeschool mom and an etsy shop owner myself, I knew I wanted to show Alicia my support and order from her.  Sounds like I did it for her, but I really did it for me!

Now I want to show you what I ordered…


Isn’t it a beauty?

Alicia’s pillows were also featured in May’s issue of Country Living Magazine.  How COOL is that!!!



I am not going to tell you why 9 is my favorite number again because I have told you so many times before.  I really don’t want to bore my friends who have been around here for awhile.  If you really want to know though, ask me and I will tell you.


These were all of the extra little goodies that Alicia packaged with my pillow cover.  They were a wonderful surprise.

It’s cool because I have told my family before that when someone orders from my Etsy shop, Amys All Things Home,  I like the whole thing to be a wonderful experience from start to finish.  I love adding little “goodies” with someone’s order so that when they open up their package they get extra little gifts with their order.  I also love to put a personal note in each one so they know how much I appreciate doing “business” with them.

That’s exactly what Alicia did with me.  It was a wonderful “experience” shopping with her.  I know.. I know.. I can be a little on the goofy side sometimes with the whole “experience” thing, but that’s just me.  I want people to leave any situation with me feeling like it was a GOOD THING!

Now you need to run over to Alicia’s Etsy Shop and take a look around.

And if you have a few minutes after you browse around her shop, I would love for you to head over to my shop, Amys All Things Home and spend a few minutes looking around.



sissie said...

Hi Amy,
You are so sweet to introduce another blogger and her etsy shop. I'm in love with the number pillow, it's perfect on your sofa.


NanaDiana said...

Did I click out before my comment went through? DRAT IT! I said that the number 81 (8+1) card adds up to 9! But I suppose you realized that~
I am the same way about the number 8..and my ONLY superstition is the number 13~ I am headed over to check out the PILLOW LADY blog! xxoo Diana

white life© said...

Thank you for sharing this "adress". Of course I'll visit the shop ;)

I hope, you are well and you have a wonderful week!

Big hugs

michelle said...

It is beautiful Amy and that is so sweet to pack a little extra in the box. :) I agree with you, it is the whole experience.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day my friend.

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Alicia has a beautiful home and she is very talented. I saw her pillows in Country Living. I think they had pink felt numbers on burlap. I can only imagine how exciting it was for Alicia to be featured.

Love the pillow you ordered. Looks great with your sofa. I understand the # fetish, haha!

You are so sweet to add the little things to your orders. I was pleasantly surprised by the lavender and little tea stained tags. I keep the "Faith" tag on my cloche. I love it! Good reminder.
Have a happy Mother's Day weekend! Hugs!

Becky C said...

Oh girl, you know I'm loving that burlap pillow!
It is so so cute. It looks great on your big puffy wonderful leather sofa!
I will be heading over to check out her shop :)
Talk soon

Alicia said...

amy, this so beyond sweet! thanks so much for all the accolades :) and it was my pleasure to create something just for you! xo, alicia