Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“Celebrate Friends”

Is it wrong to be so excited over gifts?

If it is, then I’m sorry, but I have told you before that I love gifts even if it’s a pack of chewing gum.  I love the thrill of getting a package through the mail and seeing what’s in it.  Surprises make me smile!

Is it strange to be very thankful for a friend that I have never actually met but truly feel like God has brought our lives together?

I know it’s not really strange to any of you because through this adventure of blogging, I think many of us have experienced the same thing. 

Friendships can be started in all sorts of ways, can’t they?

I just had to share with you, my other friends,  the neat gifts that I got today from my sweet friend Becky at Buckets of Burlap.  Don’t you just love the name of her blog?

This is what I got to open…


You know she already had me at the burlap tie.

This is what I found inside…

towel etc


one of my favorite things that she remembered that I loved…


I love these blue Ball jars.  I use them all over my home and she was thoughtful enough to remember that. 

I thought I would take another quick minute and show you what I did with my pretties…


towel rack



table 1

Thanks to my sweet friend Becky for putting a huge smile on my face today.

I do celebrate all my friendships and am thankful for each one.

tag 2

I hope that you will celebrate all of your friendships today and take a minute to tell a friend how much they mean to you.



cityfarmer said...

yes, the burlap wins hands down ...
I've got a lotta' burlap friends ... like you

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

I know exactly what you mean about blog friendships! I actually got to meet one of my good blog buddies last fall.

You received some wonderful gifts. Becky has a beautiful blog!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

You are blessed! Friends are the best.

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Hi Amy!

What a sweet surprise from Becky! Your gifts are so "you" and look great with your other collections. I think she gets you :)

We are home now and I'm just catching up with everyone! Have a great night!

Pine Tree Home said...

So sweet. The blue jar makes my heart melt.

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

That is so sweet!Love the new look of your blog! Hugs, Tami

Tara said...

Beautiful,thoughtful friendships make the world a better place..xx

Becky C said...

Well I am so very happy to see that you have found perfect places for your new goodies! You definitely have a knack for displaying everything just beautifully. It sure is special to have reminders of our dear friends around our home...It was my pleasure to package it up and send your way :) You have been such a blessing to me these past few weeks, getting to know you and your family. And your encouragement and prayers have kept me going!
Tonight I will settle in on my sweet satin pillowcases for a good nights sleep.
Love you, my friend!
Becky C

Mama Chang said...

Oh Miss Amy!
You are blessed girl,I love friendships.
And,I felt excitement over here from Philippines reading this post.
lol! ,I remember I like to surprised my friends for gifts when there are occasions like birthdays but they don't give gifts back to me haha when it's my special day turn but I am still happy that I made them happy during their special days..
Even me also,would feel very happy like yours..that was a very special gift you receive,I love it.thanks for sharing Miss Amy!
God Bless you.
Mama Chang~

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Friends are truly a blessing. Lovely post!!

Hjemme hos meg said...

I love gifts ;) And I love giving gifts!

So many nice things :)

Hug, Anette

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful...and it got sent to the right person...someone who is sweet and deserving. The friendships I have made online are unbelievable...I would never have believed it could happen. It is amazing to me the way God reaches out and connects us over the air waves. Hugs- Diana

sissie said...

Hi Amy,
Oh my what lovely gifts. Bloggers are just the best!


Debbie said...

Wonderful, thoughtful little treasures, Amy! I'm just like you. I love to unwrap a surprise, no matter how large or small.

And as usual, I love what you did with it. The blue jars are so good on the eye, if you know what I mean.

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

How fabulous is that ~ what a sweet gesture of friendship from Becky ~ Blessings

White and Rust said...

How nice, what a sweet gift! Aren't good friends so wonderful??

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

How fun to receive a package in the mail filled with so many wonderful things! I do treasure my blogging friendships too. Including yours. :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The world has become a much smaller place since I started blogging. I'm sure it's the same for you too. What blessed friendships we've established here. These are wonderful gifts from a sweet friend. I love those blue jars too :-)

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

What a sweet thing to do. Yes, I celebrate and appreciate the friends I see often and my blogging friends (some of whom I've met). They make my day every time I turn on the computer:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Made In The South said...

WoW, what great things she sent you.
I love blogging. When I was younger my sister and I both had pen pals. We loved getting mail. Now we have pen pals only difference is we communicate on the computer in the way of comments.
Take Care,

Grammy Goodwill said...

What lovely gifts! I know it made your day, just as my gifts from you made my day.

Garden Girl said...

Friends are the best gift that you can have!

Marilyn Holeman said...

Lovely gifts, lovely displays. Nice post, Amy. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Such wonderful gifts that your friend sent you. You know how much I love that blue jar! The little towel is so pretty too. You displayed them all beautifully!

Kelly said...

I love blue ball jars...just lovely! You have great friends!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, I love what you've done with them. What gorgeous presents, you lucky girl!

I'm your new follower.


michelle said...

What beautiful gifts Amy! It is so amazing and inspiring how close we can become to someone so far away. I love this blogland and have thanked God for all the wonderful friends that He has lead me to.