Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stations In the Kitchen

I love having little stations designated for certain things…especially in my kitchen.

station 1

This is our snack station. 

We have cashews, sunflower seeds, pecans, almonds, golden raisins, dark chocolate, and gingerbread cookies.

station 3

My spices are easy to get to on my lazy Susan.  Some of the spices I grew myself this year.  The other ones, I typically buy in bulk at Sam’s Wholesale.  I have also started purchasing some at Trader Joes when I can make it to “the big city”.

station 2

Our coffee and cocoa station makes it easy for everyone to wet their whistle during the winter. 

Can I just tell you that I had never put a candy cane into my cocoa until this winter when I saw someone on a blog doing it?  Am I the only one who hadn’t tried it?

I am hooked!  The peppermint is the perfect addition…along with a little whipped topping.

station 4

I have probably shown y’all this before.  This sits on my kitchen table and houses lots of things that we use for breakfast.

It’ holds our local honey, millet, wheat bran, sucanaut, flax seed, stevia and spoons for stirring. 

This is one of my favorites because I can remove it easily from the table when we put our food on. (or when we need the table for game night)

Do you have stations in your kitchen?

I’d love to know what you do because it might give me more ideas.



Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh Amy, first time with the candy cane in the cocoa? Isn't it the best? I love chocolate and mint together. I just have my coffee station but that's about it. The rest is grouped together but in the cabinet or pantry.

Melissa Miller said...

Oh wow I love this Amy. Great job! Your snacks are all tasty and good for us too. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Unfortunately my kitchen is just to small to have stations in. Yours on the other hand looks well thought out and organized.

NanaDiana said...

The station in my kitchen is called GRAND CENTRAL...a place where the action never stops. I really like YOUR stations though-perfect for a family!!! Hugs- Diana

Samantha said...

I love your stations! Especially the "sweet and salty" snack station - what a great idea, Amy!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I have my kitchen stationed out too. Makes it easier for me to work in. I am loving all your vintage jars. I love old jars and have many of them :)


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I love all your stations! My train could probably stop at the snack station and never resume its trip!!! lol!!!

Kolein said...

I hardly have any counter space. No stations. But I have a 9 drawer dresser in my pantry that holds a lot! Just pick a drawer and you're all set!!

Love your stations and the labels and signs! I love the coffee thing and seeing the marshmallows through the glass!!!


Debbie said...

I have stations, but they are not half as nifty as yours are.

You could be a professional kitchn organizer.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love your little stations, so very smart!

That snow babe is pretty awesome too!

Southern Fried Gal said...

What an awesome idea to have stations! I've never thought about something like that. Of course you have the perfect touches at each of yours.

Barbara said...

I love the jars, so cool, I have a couple that have the metal bands on them, have a blessed day, Barbara

Ginger said...

I love your stations; we have a "kind-of" coffee station. Great ideas!

Tiffini said...

I have a little one by my coffee...I have been thinking of doing this for all of my spices! Just wondering what containers I could use for cheap...cause I'd not lots:)
wonderful post:)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Amy, I love all the stations especially the coffee one. The coffee bag is so cute. I will have to try a candy cane in my coffee.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

I love all of your little work stations in your kitchen, Amy! You have everything displayed so sweetly! I bought my daughters those giant Christmas mugs for hot cocoa that came with a giant candy cane to put in the hot cocoa... they loved it! I haven't tried it myself though... I'm always drinking my French Vanilla coffee when I want something warm to drink... hehe!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Jo :)

michelle said...

Great ideas! I feel like everything I have is scattered all over the place and I can never find what I need! I might have to do little stations like this someday! :)

Hope your weekend was a good one girl!! :)