Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hands Down Winner

Kind of funny to be talking about a winner with today being election day.   But, let me do take this opportunity to remind you to VOTE!

The winner I am referring to is my old ceiling tiles I asked your opinion on.

You ladies came through and sure shared your opinions with me.  No one picked the black collage of frames I had before and a few said I should leave the wreath on the tin, but the overwhelming majority of you said I should leave the tin with nothing on it.

A few people also said I should turn it upside down with the curved part at the top.  I had tried turning it before but it was harder to hang.  I ended up figuring out a way to do it and it worked great.

tin 1

Thanks so much for all of your gifted opinions.  I love being able to ask you stuff and I love your sweet honest answers.

Have a blessed day! 

Headed to the polls now!  This is my son’s 2nd election to vote in and he can’t wait.



Get Your Martha On said...

It looks fantastic!

michelle said...

They look great Amy! I like them plain as well!

NanaDiana said...

Amy- LOVE It more every time I see it! Like it turned upside down too! I am off to vote here myself. I have the day off work-will wonders never cease? Hugs & Happy Day- Diana

Becky C said...

Looks gorgeous, Amy. Love it!
Becky C

Debbie said...

OK, I love it. EVEN THOUGH I voted for the one with the wreath. I think this looks fabulous. It was kind of like voting in the Primary, when you basically like them all.

Sure hope I'm in the majority today!

White and Rust said...

Thanks for the reminder to vote!! And great choice on hanging the tin with the molding on top! I love the piece and it looks perfect!

Samantha said...

Looks good, Amy!

Pine Tree Home said...

Still lookin good.

sissie said...

Hi Amy,
The ceiling tiles look wonderful!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I really like it turned this way Amy. It's such a beautiful find!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

What a great piece... it looks wonderful! :)

Mrs T said...

beautiful :)

everytime I come to your blog my girls love singing with your music. one night Hubby had my leave it on so he could listen while he was working. very relaxing and some of our fav hymns!

I commented on your comment on my blog (not sure if you love for comments after you post or not)

thank you so much for remembering me

Creative Ambitions said...

I like it flipped around... looks good Amy!