Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cows, Chairs, and Cabinets

Take a look at what my day held yesterday.
cows 1
My uncle took me back to a 100 year old house that sits behind my mom’s house.  It is falling down as you can see, but still had so much neat personality.   Our friends came for a visit in what was once the kitchen.
cows 2
This girl was peeking at us through the window.
doors 1
This is why he really took me back there. 
doors 2
He wanted to show me what he was going to soon be mine.   Mine would be the chippy white beauty on the right!
Look what spring holds for me…cleaning, painting, sitting, relaxing, loving.
Oh yeah, I love this glider.
chair and bottles
My uncle has tons of this kind of stuff just ready to be taken off his hands.
That would be 5 yards of burlap from Sirs Fabric Store in Fayetteville, TN.
jelly cabinet
This 100 year old jelly cabinet has a new home.
open cabinet
I will be showing her to you again when she is all decked out.
An old quilt that was in my mother’s attic…alone…sad…needing a home other than the attic.
A huge bouquet of lavender that my mom grew and saved for me.  Heavenly fragrance…

I suppose you have already come to the conclusion that everything came home with me except for the beautiful cows.  They had to stay, as I have nothing but a chicken coop for them to live in. 
I’ll show you later what happens to all of my treasures.

***Just a little piece of info about my uncle.  He is a treasure hunter like I have never seen.  Truly, if you ever wanted it, he has it or could find it.  And all of this he just does as a hobby, because he loves it.  He loves the history of it all. 
If there is something you are ever looking for and you live anywhere nearby middle Tennessee, I would love to hook you up with him.  Of course, that also means that I could meet you in person and that would be great. 
Just a thought…

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NanaDiana said...

Oh-How wonderful to have an Uncle like that. I had one like that too but he was a hoarder by today's standards. You are such a lucky gal to be gaining all of those treasures. I love the old quilt too. Hugs...I have to check and see what music is playing here- it's a beautiful piece. Hugs- Diana

sissie said...

Hi Amy,
I wish I had an uncle like yours! You are so lucky to have him and that he understands your style. Such great stuff!


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

What great finds! I love to go exploring old farm buildings (and even houses, I guess!)

Maddie Lumpkin said...

What a neat adventure! Sounds like my kind of fun. I think I spotted an old cast iron sink with drainboards in the first pic? I am determined to find one with a right drainboard for my kitchen.Seems like I always just miss one or find one that's too expensive! Oh well,the hunt is part of the fun.

Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack said...

Wow... did you ever hit some treasures. Can't wait to see what you make of the door and cabinet. My husband's folks retired and moved to Camden, TN. It's beautiful! Can you send your uncle to CO? LOL

Have a good one!

pegtn said...

I am so jealous of your treasures. Great stuff. I wish i had an uncle like yours. BTW i'm in E. Tennessee, maybe we can meet sometime.

White and Rust said...

Oh you lucky girl you! What some awesome stuff, how generous of your uncle! That quilt is so so beautiful!

I'm enjoying your Christmas music :)

Creative Ambitions said...

I love it! What a blessing full of goodies! Can't wait to see how you use them all... Love that jelly cabinet...oh... and that chippy door...awesome! I may have to come shopping one day! :)


chickie said...

What great finds !! What fun to dig around and find treasures to take home.
TN is a beautiful state.When I had a little shop My friend Bren and I would drive down there to get some goodies for it.Also our friend lives in Franklin.He works for his families shop JJ Ashley.Beautiful shop if you ever have a chance.
Fun Finds 2 U...Chickie

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Amazing finds...how sweet of your uncle.

Kolein said...

That is so wonderful that he shared all that stuff!

I feel deeply in love with that quilt. The colors are so nice!

You have quite the family! Lucky girl!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

How come I don't have an uncle like that????? Did you win the Uncle Lottery or what????????????????

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Can you say lucky duck? This will keep you very busy. The jelly cabinet and quilt are my favorites. Have a blast with all your goodies.

cindy @ cottage instincts said...

That is a heck of a lot of wicked cool junk! Those doors? Bliss. And the jelly cabinet is perfection. Perfection I tell ya. You's a lucky gurl!

MommaHensCoop said...

I am still using store bought fabric softner as well. Although, I find the clothes are pretty soft without it! I keep wanting to try the vinegar method. But, I'm afraid of smelling like a pickle!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Your uncle reminds me of my dad... love it! Great, great pieces. Score! :)

Debbie said...

Amy, these are truly treasures! If I didn't like you so much and know it was a sin, I do believe I would feel covetous right now. I can't even pick a favorite thing.

Wait. Maybe just BEING in that old house with or without the take home toys would be treasure enough for me.

Still... I think you should have figured out a way to bring home a cow. You could sell milk along with those dime a dozen eggs.

Get Your Martha On said...

Great loot! Love the cabinet, of course. :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'll bet this is your favorite uncle :-) It looks like you have a lot in common. Wonderful finds!

michelle said...

You lucky, Lucky, lucky girl! What gorgeous treasures you picked up! I can't wait to see what you do with them!! If I am ever in Tennessee, I would love to meet up with you!! :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Girlfriend...can you say jackpot!!! Jumping up and down for you. Sweet stuff~ :)

Becky C said...

Oh. My. Good. Grief. I don't know exactly what to say. Except I sooo wish your Uncle was my Uncle, too.
How in the world did you not take more? (did I say that outloud)

Those doors, that cabinet, the whole old house... it's all just to die for, Amy. How did you hold your composure walking through? I would have passed out cold.

Love the cows, too.
Can't wait to see what you do with it all, and if you can't find space, let me know.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh I wish I could come visit!! What wonderful new (old)treasures! That chippy white door is so amazing!!!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh happy day! What a haul of stuff you got. What a fabulous Uncle you have. Love that cabinet and the glider!

Denise said...

What fabulous treasures (especially the uncle). I can't wait to see what you do with all of your finds.

Were they milk cows or beef cows? Debbie (my sister) might not realize there's a difference...

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Amy, I've been wanting chairs like those. Reminds me of my childhood! Maybe I can make a trip your way someday! That would be neat!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

It looks like you had a really fun day! Adorable cows! I have a project I hope to work on soon that involves old quilts. Your new cabinet is such a great find!

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

How fun that must be for you:) A kindred spirit who is related!Love it. Can't wait to see what you do with everything. I would have tried to sneak a cow home too. I hear they live peacefully with chickens;)
Capers of the vintage vixens

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I want a barn around like that!!! Have you done anything with the door? It's terrific! The quilt is soooo sweet. So glad you took it out for your family to enjoy.