Sunday, October 10, 2010

50's Soda Shop and Pizza Parlor

My youngest turned eight this past week and for her birthday she had her first slumber party.

Her party was a 50's party complete with soda shop, pizza parlor, and "money" to shop with.  Of course, all the little girls were dressed for the occasion. 

Lil' Bits Soda Shop and Pizza Parlor open at 5:00 pm...

The shelves were stocked with all sorts of sweets and treats.

There were pink gumballs, licorice, pixie sticks, candy jewelry, bubbles, pastel mints, lollipops, and rings.

Of course, everything had a small price.

Our menu for the evening was displayed on a chalkboard for all customers to see.

No soda shop is complete without a variety of milkshakes.

Cupcakes galore...

The records were displayed in my dish drainer.

My husband's old coke cooler held the glass bottled sodas that we drank with our pizza.

The girls loved these little bottles.

  (I sent a bottle home with each girl with a sprig of lavender to give to their moms)

This big round tray was painted black and had Faith's Greatest Hits painted on it.  I cut a circle out of sheet music and glued in onto the middle to look like a record.

Great place to hold the milkshake glasses.

The center piece of the table, I struggled with.  We ended up putting the cupcake holder in the middle of the table sitting on top of some small records and an Elvis record case.  (can't hurt Elvis, you know)

We also traced some records onto the paper table cloth we used.  I personalized each traced record with the girl's names and some sort of music genre.  They loved seeing their names.

The girl's place setting was marked with a pastel little bag which held their play money for shopping.

This next  idea was  something that I googled and wanted to share a little how to on...

Take an old record and place it on top of a metal bowl and place the bowl on a baking sheet.

Put everything into a 200 degree oven for about 8 minutes until you see the record beginning to "flop".

When you see it looking like this below, take it out and with an oven mit, begin to shape it into a bowl.

This is what your record bowl will look like...

Cool, huh?

Sorry, my photo is fuzzy but at least you get the idea.

These little rock and roll girls had a splish splashing good time.

Let me just tell you that one of their favorite parts was me and Beth taking their orders just like they were at a real pizza joint.  I even had a menu book that I wrote their orders down on.

We also had them tell us what they wanted from the "store" and they got to "pay" for it.

They loved it!  What little girl doesn't like to play restaurant, dress up and store all in one evening.

And, to top it off, they had tons of candy, milkshakes, cupcakes and pizza.

Remember, this is a once a year thing so we had to do it up right.

And, no, to answer your question, there was not much sleep had, but that's okay, it was worth it to see how happy Faith and all her friends were.

Slumber Party 2010...check mark...done

Going over to The DIY Showoff tonight.  Come with me.



Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

That post made me smile. What fun memories and what a fun mom you are.

Kathy said...

How totally fun was that.
Loved the record bowl...great idea.
Enjoyed looking through the whole party...
A fun blog!
Nice to meet you!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Stop over while your out visiting!

Mary said...

What a fabulous party...just wished Lil could have been there. So glad they had a great time! Love and miss you bunches!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. Maybe you should be a party planner. All the bases were covered so nicely. Very sweet!!

Pine Tree Home said...

Wow! What a great idea and I'm sure this will be the party they WILL remember.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your daughter is beautiful!
What a fun party idea. I am sure she will never forget her 50's inspired party. I love all your vintage touches. I know my kids would love all the candy and treats!

NanaDiana said...

Amy-What a darling idea. We have a 8 year old birthday coming up next year. This is a perfect idea and I have tons of old records. I am going to show this to my daughter. She might be interested in doing this for Lulu's birthday. What a creative idea...and sooo darned cute! Thanks-hugs...Diana

Becky C said...

Amy, it's everything I imagined! My 10 year old can't wait to copy you guys and do this, too. What wonderful ideas and goodies!! The record bowl is just perfect! Happy Birthday, Faith! So glad you all had a great time :)
Becky C

Kolein said...

How fun!!!! OH my gosh!! I love it! I have to tell all my friends with girls about it! They are always looking for themes and such! Great idea! Actually we can do it for the boys too!!!

Love the album bowl! Just curious, were these your old records?


Kristin said...

oh how fun!! always wondered how they did the record bowls..*love* them!!
hope things are going well dear girl!!

prairie hugs,

Denise said...

It sounds like your daughter had a wonderful birthday party. Everything was so cute...such attention to details. You did a fabulous job mom and thanks for sharing all this fun with us.

Creative Ambitions said...

Amy... you survived LOL! I bet they had a blast... sooooo adorable... you had some great things goin' on with your theme! That record bowl was crazy cool!

Debbie said...

I love every single thing! This is exactly the kind of party that I love, full of wonderful and creative ideas. My favorite thing is that record bowl. I am determined to search the house for a record and try it. Of course, I have no good reason to try it. I just think it's cool.

This is just wonderful, Amy. You scored AT LEAST 100 Mommy Points with this one!!

Prior said...

cute, cute, cute. Fun party! Lezlee

New Every Morning said...

SO fun!!! What a great idea for a birthday party!

Jenn from said...

Hi Amy,

It's Jenn from ThisMommyLoves. Thank you for your sweet comment on my 50's Diner Post. (

What an awesome party you had for your daughter! That whole melted record for a bowl thing is genius!!!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

OK! That "open" sign is just the inspiration I needed! I was going through your entire blog looking for ideas, because I am redoing my kitchen! I have a piece of a 100 year old lighthouse that I found while on my honeymoon! Thanks!!!!