Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Be...To Do...

First of all I have to tell you how motivated Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures has made me these last few days.  My goodness, this lady has done so many neat fall projects over the last couple of weeks.  She has gotten me motivated to at least think of some projects I would like to work on.  It won't be long before I pull out some of my fall things, but for now, I am doing a few little DIY projects.

Remember that I am talking little projects.  I'm not painting rooms or building furniture. 

The neat little project I did today was to make me a place to put all those little reminder cards I get from the dentist, hair stylist, etc.,  or even party invites.

I took the idea from a Pottery Barn idea I saw online the other day.

I had this tin that I had bought several years ago.  It used to be a rust and green color. 

It got a coat of paint, a few scratches and some twine wrapped around it.

And now it does this for me...

It holds my little appointment cards so nicely.

You do need to make sure that your twine is wrapped tightly around so that it will be tight enough to hold your cards without them slipping out.  I actually hot glued places as I went so it would be more secure.

The little metal tag reminds me that these are places to be and things to do.

Perfect little area on my kitchen desk to serve as my reminder of what the days hold.

Now if I can just remember to change the date on my calendar. 

(I won't even begin to tell you what date it was on when I started to take this photo today.)

Just a little thought to leave with you since we are talking about what a day holds for us...

We may not know what the future holds, but PRAISE GOD, we know WHO holds the future!!!

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Erin said...

Love this idea! Looks like a quick and easy project...right up my alley!

Becky C said...

Yes ma'am, we do know WHO holds the future! And I love the little card holder. Too cute:) O, I forgot to tell you that I love your Heaven sign, too.
I've been busy with projects too, must be something in the air?
Becky C

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for making my day. I like your reminder board. Twine makes everything perfect. The dental office where i work has magnetic appointment cards. It would just stick on your tin. The bad thing ....I have been doing a ton of little projects to avoid doing my big projects!!!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

This turned out great! What a good idea and it looks like something you'd pay a LOT for in a boutique! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

cityfarmer said...

what will they think of next?
how clever!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

That's adorable! What a great idea!

sissie said...

What a clever idea for a bulletin board. I love it.


Heidi@Mommy Tools said...

I so need something like this. I think I'm driving my hubs crazy with all my little papers everywhere!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such a great idea! I really like your tin with the twine. You might also be able to add magnets for even more fun! Thanks for sharing your fun and pretty idea!

Debbie said...

Laughing about the calendar! That's why I can't have one of those cute kinds. I'd stay behind, and it would sit mocking me.

I really do like the twine wrapped board. It's a more primitive twist on a frenchy tufted board and just perfect.

Mine hide on the refrigerator. Since it appears to be my favorite spot, I guess that's the best place for them. Yours is SO MUCH prettier to the eye.

Creative Ambitions said...

Are you getting organized or what? :) Looks great Amy... very functional.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love your new take on this tin piece--tin and twine, what a great combo. Thanks for sharing!

Krista@thegatheringplacedesign said...

Way to go! I love this and I have a few tins like that sitting around. I love mixing functionality and pretty! The color is great too. Very nice!

PS...Thanks so much for you visit!:)

Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

What a great idea!! I will certainly borrow it!