Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home,Tired, and Shopped Out

I am home safe and sound.  Thank you, Lord, for safe travel.

Left out early Friday morning and got back home late last night after traveling about 150 miles altogether and hitting so many yardsales and seeing so much of the same thing that I finally got tired of it.  Like really tired of seeing "fancy junque", as I like to sometimes call it, and just plain ole junk.  It was soooo HOT!  It was so crowded.  There was so much traffic.  It was so fun!!!  I am so tired.

I want to show you a few pictures I took of the sales and will show you later a few things that I bought.

This man had tables full of everything you can imagine.  It seems that salt and pepper shakers are all the rage.  I have never seen so much glassware in my whole life.  Every vendor had loads of it.  Good grief, I would hate to have to pack that stuff back up.

This was a camera crew following these two ladies around.  There was lots of filming going on around the Crossville, Tn, area, which is very close to where this sale originated.

This is what you saw on both sides of the roads for miles.

Need a bike?  They had them...

This was one of my favorite booths.  Loved all of the white. 

Funny son and I had split up for a few minutes and he was looking for me.  He told me he started looking for "white" and saw this booth and knew I would be there. 

Another really awesome thing about this booth was who walked in while I was looking around.

How totally cool is that?

Kim Myles from Myles of Styles walked into the booth and began filming for her show.

She was so friendly and  so sweet.  I actually got my picture made with her but, friends, it was the worst picture ever, so it is for my eyes only.  Just imagine me standing beside her a couple of inches taller and us looking like the best of friends.

I told her I did a blog and she smiled real big and said she did a blog and that I should send her mine so she could take a look at it.  FOR REAL!!!  Okay, let me just say that I know my blog is nothing great and she would probably be very unimpressed with my "decorating skills",  BUT, I am totally excited just to think that she might see my little All Things Home blog and that something, just something might make her smile. 

If any of you want to go to her blog, just go to, and tell her the girl from Tennessee sent you over.  Just kidding...don't tell her that or she will think you have lost your mind.

So, to sum it all was a wonderful trip.  I found the things I went looking for and a few extras.  Most of all, I had a blast with my son.  He is a real trooper to go along with me and keep me on the right road.

I'll be back with pictures of my found treasures as soon as I get them all together.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Sunday.



Prior said...

How cool is that! I liked her on the design show a bunch! and I kind of know what you are feeling. I've done a lot of looking this spring and summer. That, along with heat, and the stuff I've accumulated, has almost made me want to go on a hiatus and finish all the projects and just clean...but I'm sure I'll get over it, hee hee! Glad you had a great time! Lezlee

Debbie said...

HOW NEAT!!! And I higly doubt that she or anyone would look at your blog and not find it a treasure. You have the greatest eye for the potential design style in things.

I would have LOVED IT!! I can't imagine the miles upon miles of stuff to see. I would have definitely stopped at that white booth too. So funny how your son knows you so well.

Glad your home.
Glad you gave us a peek.
Can't wait to see what you bought and what YOU will do with it. I'll like it. I always do.

Jen said...

Those pics of the sale have me drooling!
I've always wanted to go & me & a few friends are planning a "girls trip" for next year!
I can't wait to see all of your great finds!
I'm a new follower!

Pamela said...

That is super cool and so glad you fun! I also am loving your new table and those coasters.