Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thrifty Prom Night


Silver Shoes...$1.00

Beautiful young lady...Timeless beauty


The dress was purchased at a local consignment shop for $30.00. 
 I had a $10.00 gift card so it only cost me $20.00.

The silver shoes were bought on an impromptu yardsale stop for $1.00.  They had some missing beads, so we just removed all of the beads for a quick and easy fix.  (I believe God sent me to this yardsale just to find these shoes...truly, I do believe that)

We bought simple jewelry and hair accessories from Wal-Mart which only cost around $15.00 total.

Very quickly, I want to show you both my babies dressed for their homeschool prom...

(By the way, Keith's shirt came from GW)

Faith didn't get to go to prom, but I couldn't leave her out.



Debbie said...

Oh goodness... The Proverbs 31 Princess Project! I love this so much! The princess is beautiful and that dress is perfect. And with her hair like that she's "Cinderella" looking, especially in the bottom shot with little sister.

I just love to see girls going to a formal. I hope she had a wonderful time.

sissie said...

Hi Amy,
She looks so beautiful. I am always amazed at the beautiful formal gowns at the thrifts. Most are usually worn only once. I am so glad that you found one so pretty for her.

She is beautiful, like her Mom. Your son looks all dapper too.


Katie said...

She looks beautiful!

What is a homeschool prom? I assume it's some sort of prom organized for homeschooled children?

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh Amy, your kiddos are just gorgeous! You must be one proud mama! :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Heidi said...

They look like a million bucks! Plus some! Such sweet memories.

Jenilee said...

Wow! gorgeous! :)

Nori Coleman said...

They look great! I know what you mean about the yard sale.God is so good!

Judy said...

Beautiful children!


oliveoyl64 said...

I love the thriftiness of it all.

I was able to help my niece and a friend shop for prom WITHIN their budgets. Thankfully both girls were okay with "used" dresses. Why pay retail?????

Kolein said...

They are beautiful, Amy! Amazing finds for the special evening!! You're a good momma!!!

Mary Lou said...

Faith will for sure have her day.
Blessings to all and have a wonderful time.
Jesus loves you.

nostalgia*gal said...

Well Gosh Golly Gee! What an old fuddy duddy I am becoming- as this post brought a tid of tears of happiness for you!

(I believe God sent me to this yard sale just to find these shoes...truly, I do believe that)
I believe that also!

Your children shine with happiness! You are truly blessed!

Cheers, happy hunting and Blessings!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Radiant Beauty and Very Handsome young man.
I love the dress...it is very tasteful.
Great job on their ensembles... good eye. And great listening skills for you.
I don't think God has ever told me to stop at a garage sale.
Usually, "He's keep moving, Pat...there is nothing for you to see here!" he he he

Laurie said...

Amy, they are beautiful and what a wonderful lesson you have taught them. Beautiful and resourseful a winning combo! Blessings