Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nashville Flea Market

I spent the day at the Nashville Flea Market with my second main man, my son, Keith.

I am excited to show you what we picked up...

Great old Bingo Cards with a great added touch of old fabric

This little wooden box is going to be used outside this summer holding plates and napkins

Love this old wood...I'm thinking chalkboard paint or maybe something neat mod podged on it

Neat black shutter and an old sugar bag

And this little thing was my favorite.  Not exactly sure where it will reside, but I do have something on my mind...I'll share that with you when it takes its place

Oh, how I wish...I loved these chairs, but they had to stay at the flea market. 

This big orange fridge did not come home with me either, but my daughter would have been thrilled if it could have

And, now I have to show you two sweet sweet people I met at the flea market and one of the main reasons I wanted to go today.  I found out about this neat lady on her blog,  Nostalgia Gal, and couldn't wait to meet a local blogger. 

Meet Cindykay and her business partner, Charlie, from Hills Chapel Antiques...

This lady is full of energy and excitement.  She has some beautfiul antiques and certainly knows her business.  If you're in Nashville during flea market time, go by and meet her and be sure to check out her new blog.

Let me just tell you how exciting it was to finally meet a fellow blogger in person.  There are so many of you that I would love to meet because I know we would become lifelong friends. 

Maybe someday...


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It looks like fun. You got some great finds there!
Have a great week.

Dreamy Whites said...

I love all of it. I have always wanted to visit Nashville. You are such a sweetheart. LOVE those chairs as well.
Take Care,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Everything you grabbed is something I would have grabbed, too! LOVE those bingo cards. I love it all!

Thank you SO much for your prayers. :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Life is good! said...

what fun purchases you made! and the orange fridge- wouldn't that be fun in the right kitchen? sounds like you had fun. have a great week!

judi said... exciting and I'm sure so much F.U.N!
Lovin' the shutter and metal cart especially.

Pine Tree Home said...

That cart is fabulous.

Junk Sophisticate said...

I love everything you found! The cart is especially fantastic! I have a similar one from my dad and use it in my living room. I'd love to see what you do with the chippy frame.
Take care,

Debbie said...

What great finds!

Those look like sight word Bingo cards...
which I recently spent hours of creative teachery time making for my classes.

Ahhhhh! I need to visit your flea market!

Jaime said...

I LOVE that frame. We don't have flea markets like this near me & I am so jealous every time I see the great finds people come home with... Great work!

Thanks for the comment - I really appreciate it. I cannot wait for the office to be done & pretty!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love it all! That little box is perfect for summer cookouts too! I don't think I have ever seen bingo cards like that but they sure are cool looking! Hope you are having a wonderful day. It just started to snow here...great big old flakes. :)

Kolein said...

I read your post from today first and thought about Cindykay and wondered if you met her! You did!! I just found her blog! Love her stuff and she is a sweetheart! You're so fortunate to have flea markets to go to. We are buried in the snow here!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Yes, I am sure we would definitely be lifelong friends! Heck, maybe we are already! :) Now, what flea market was this? I need to get those chairs!! Your cart and bingo cards are too fabulous for words. I think we need to plan a junking trip!


nostalgia*gal said...

Amy! Laughing with glee at the picture of Charlie and I! My but I am short! I sure wish I could of shopped with you and that wonderful son of yours! You must be so proud of him!
That day was the 5th day of being at the market selling and my highlight of the day. Huge thank you...oh wait...I did not see those chairs, no time to walk around. Where were they? Love em and your industrial chic side table!