Thursday, February 25, 2010

Closet Cleanup

Most of my closets are in fairly good condition in my home.  (notice that I used the word fairly)  I do have one closet, however, that was Terrible with a capital T.  I mean like tornado, hurricane terrible. 

Yesterday I decided that something had to change. 

This closet is in our playroom/school room/craft room/pool table room.  Can you tell this is a very multi purpose room?  And as for the crafting and pool table part...I have layed a big sheet over the pool table and it doubles as my crafting table.  It is used way more for crafting than for pool so it works well for me.

This little closet holds lots of school related things, games, dress up clothes and much much more.  All of it is mostly my seven year olds stuff.  Can you say TOO MUCH STUFF with me real loud so she can hear you?

You will cringe when you see the before...Are you ready?

I don't have to say it.

That is dress up clothes, my friends, and they were everywhere.

I know, it's awful!!!

Are you wondering how the poor child even got in here to get anything?  I guess it was like PE to her just climbing over stuff.

This is the side that was really horrible. (okay, it's all really horrible)  It has all of her craft supplies, play doh and such.

So this is what I did first.  My oldest daughter made me some signs so that I could start making piles...

This was the first thing to get tossed.  Do you blame me?

I actually ended up tossing this bag full of garbage and boy it felt good.

I took these...

and made these...

It's getting better already.

I just pulled everything out and went through each item. 

And then this started happening...

I could see the floor!!

I could easily get to any game now.

And all of her art supplies and such were all in order.

Isn't this amazing?

And, these things are in our sell pile.  It's not a lot, but I am still excited.  It is HARD for my little one to part with anything.  This is huge for her.  We will put these things  in a local consignment sale and make some money to buy more STUFF with.

Doesn't this closet look so much better?  Boy, it's amazing how out of control things can get when we can just shut the door on them.  I think that probably goes with some of our lives as well.  Hmmm...something to think about.

Do you enjoy cleaning out closets and cabinets and just getting organized?  I actually enjoyed every minute of this job today.  I enjoy getting organized and being organized.  It's the staying that way part that gets tough sometimes.


TidyMom said...

You did an AWESOME job! it's SO freeing to do that isn't it? so much less stress, you actually ENJOY opening that closet now!!

I did that with my "Monica Closet" last year....sad to say, but I need to do it again - it's not anywhere NEAR as bad, and doesn't have uneeded junk in it - but it's just not organized, it's a very small closet that I use for TOO much!!

Great job!!

Jenilee said...

GREAT job! you should go check out her last post was about cleaning up! :)

Esther@fleurcottage said...

i love organizing! looks fab...

Debbie said...

THIS IS AWESOME!! I love a project like this. There is such a "ta da!" feeling about it.

I'm so impressed!

Pine Tree Home said...

You should see my is in need of serious organization. Thanks for sharing...I am inspired now.

Heidi said...

The before closet looks perfectly normal to me! LOL! Seriously though, I love getting rid of "things" too. It feels so good! But I still have to do it when the kiddos aren't looking.

Kolein said...

OH, how I love it when we can finally "see the floor"! I would love to have a storage closet like that for anything! Amazing what cleaning and organizing can do for a space or a house! It's like some kind of new found love happening!

True about closing the door on parts of our lives as well. I couldn't agree more! Get it all cleaned out, is what I say!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You did a great job. My twins share a closet about 1/4 of this size, so we should do this about once a month. I don't get to it quite that often though. I love what you did with the oatmeal containers!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Impressive! Wow, how much do you charge? ;-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

nostalgia*gal said...

HI, thank you for your kind words & note on my blog, as I am new and not too sure what I am doing.
Having my morning coffee and reading your lovely blog.
You did an awesome job with your storage area!
Running off to the flea, hope to met you!
Blessings! cindykay

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Oh...yes...I love having an organized home...not that it always stays that way. Your closet looks great...job well done!

mommyx12 said...

Wow, wanna come to my house and work some magic like that? I keep thinking oh my, get some spring cleaning going but the motivation just won't creep up!!